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funny AF!!! great job!!! lol

That's freaking awesome love the animation!!

This was done so beautifully the animation is awesome along with the story telling great job!!

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This is awesome, I'm working on some game
music and this is so inspiring. Awesome job I love it!!!
Amazing production!!

You guys are freaking awesome!! I'm shaking my head while listening to this. The guitars amazing, the drums and bass are tight and the vocals demand attention. That high pass effect is sick!! Love it love it love it!!

ZacStriga responds:

Thanks a million Prodigy! :)

you see this is what I'm talking about. I love this song and you said it's your least favorite, that tells me you have high standards for your music and you should, because you guys are freaking awesome!!
I would love to join a band like yours, I always wanted to play live music. The lyrics are amazing, the singing is on point and the melody is outstanding. This is how music should sound, very well balance, and you guys sound so tight together!!
You are one of my favorite bands out here right now!!

ZacStriga responds:

Thank you so much Prodigy! That means alot coming from a talented guy like you. Just know I feel the same way about your music!

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I love this, I am writing a song to this beautiful, awesome artwork. This will be my second submission for the AIM contest, This piece inspired me so much. I can truly feel the pain this person is in!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful masterpiece!!
I finished the song and posted on the AIM message board!
I hope you like it!!
Thanks for sharing this amazing artwork.

Beautiful Artwork!!!
I would love to use this image in the AIM contest!!!
I uploaded a song I wrote inspired by this beautiful piece of art work!!


I hope you like it!!

RilexLenov responds:

I'm so happy my work was able to inspire such a beautiful song! I love it!

I've been playing the piano since I was 8 years old, self taught. I started producing music at the age of 15 and I have been producing music ever since. I consider myself a very versatile music producer /animator

music producer/song



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